I’m passionate about People and Human Centered HR Approaches.


In my professional career, I have been working in consulting and in various HR functions for a big telecommunications company, mostly in international business sectors. After 9 years, I decided to do an MBA in Barcelona and the US. And then founded Aliada Business Advisory to be able to consult companies and start-ups with a human centered approach to HR that enables employees to fulfill their potential rather than just administering them.

In my opinion, employees work best, if they are able to bring their authentic selves to work and are feeling fulfilled and appreciated. Such an environment can be created by a comprehensive Employee Experience Strategy.

I am German but have lived in 5 countries and worked in even more. Currently living in Barcelona, Spain but open to projects worldwide. Cultural differences play a huge role in work environments and I always felt that these differences can be a huge advantage for a company if handled well.

I’m a problem solver and I always analyze problems from different perspectives which enables me to find the best solution for all parties involved.



Christine is an incredible individual who is truly invested in making a difference. As one of the managers overseeing a US$1 billion project, Christine came over from Germany to assist the team put together a response for a US bank. Not only did she adapt to the America’s style of working, she also had to learn what the priorities/ drivers were for the customer (which can differ based on consumer needs within different regions). Christine quickly learned the approach used by the US team and integrated to provide updates on her work stream seamlessly. Not only was she quick and efficient, but she was a fantastic colleague who became a valued member of the project team with whom, we could not have succeeded in finalizing the project response. 

—  Jotinder Kalsi, Sr. Proposal Manager T-Systems International

Aliada Advisory is here to provide you with HR solutions that boost your business and create an extraordinary Employee Experience.