A complete Employee Experience offers meaningful work, trustful leadership, a productive work environment, the opportunity for growth and a health and wellbeing approach. This also means to have a respectful and attentive hiring process and effective onboarding because that’s where the Employee Experience in a company starts.
We can provide you with strategies and the set-up of a purpose driven Employee Experience that allows your employees to fulfill their potential and reach business goals. While doing so, you create a thriving company culture for your company.
This process explicitly asks your own employees what they want rather than using pre-made processes, tailoring the employee experience to your company’s needs.




This service is designed for start-ups as they often grow rapidly without the time or expertise to set up HR systems and -processes. These systems are important to ensure your employee's engagement and development and also to help your company to attract the right talent and therefore enable sustainable growth.

We can help you to introduce a hiring process that attracts the talent you need, a training & development practice that equips your employees with crucial and changing skills and we help you with all other HR challenges that your startup faces at this moment.



A diverse workforce is a key success factor for companies. In many companies this advantage is ignored.

We help you set up a Diversity & Inclusion strategy that includes all employees and applicants, stakeholders and collaborators no matter their gender, race, age, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, socio-economic status or physical disability. Furthermore, we can design and implement suitable measures with you.


Strategic workforce management is crucial to business success. A well established HR planning and controlling system takes care of your HR costs that are generally a big cost component in companies in the service industry and need to be managed according to given targets. Furthermore, the right set of additional HR KPI’s is important for an effective HR organization in terms of monitoring and steering.

We can help you define the right KPI’s according to your targets and programs and set up a measuring process. With this in place, we will show you how to monitor and report these KPI’s into the overall finance framework.



We provide HR Transition & Transformation services with a proven track record in IT outsourcing deals. The models can be applied to any type of project.

To ensure a smooth transition of the employees from one company to the other or a merge of employee bodies, we can provide an entire HR transition plan and deliver project management for the transition and transformation phases.

Measures range from communication using different channels to HR and change management measures.
We can also assist you and your company in cases of reorganizations and the need for a structured approach that ensures the motivation of the employees and a human approach to changes.




It is important to monitor how your employees are feeling, how they perceive the changes within the company and how well your programs are being considered. There are many things you can monitor by implementing a good feedback management and by asking your employees about their opinions on a regular basis.

We help you set up surveys, monitoring systems and benchmarks to enable your organization to know what is going on in your organization and which areas you need to work on.


Aliada Advisory is here to provide you with HR solutions that boost your business and create an extraordinary Employee Experience.